Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced Training.

Advance Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced Training.

Master Advanced Excel 2013 Features.
Become an Expert and Learn to Use Excel like a Professional With this Advanced Excel Training

Course Description
Learn the advanced features and functions in Microsoft Excel 2013, alongside our expert resource persons to help you get beyond the basics and have advanced-level proficiency within the Excel 2013 suite
Whilst in this course we’ll cover the basics of Excel, including SUM, MIN, MAX and other conditional statements, we’ll quickly move onto more advanced-level topics including:
IF statements
Pivot Tables and Charts
Macro Operations

The Ability to Master Excel

By the completion of this computer based advanced Excel training for Microsoft Excel 2013,
you will be comfortable with many of the advanced features and functions that this powerful spreadsheet software from Microsoft has to offer.
With the ability to handle advanced tasks in Excel, you’ll be able to get more power out of your worksheets and be able to dramatically shorten your task times and increase your efficiency in the process.

Who can Join this training program

This is Suitable for beginners with Microsoft Excel but also for those who wish to cover the advanced topics in Excel.
You’ll learn all of the basic and advanced items of Excel, which will enable you to use Excel expertly within a personal or commercial environment.
This training would be hands on and practical in nature and participants will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course. Individuals, groups and cooperate organizations and companies should seize this opportunity to upgrade their skills in ICT.
Call 0200616804 / 0246240888 to register.

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