About Us

Nifty Global Systems (NGS) is a highly experienced Information Technology (IT) Consultancy Company in Software Development, Hardware, Networking, Web Site Development, Multimedia and General IT related services. Our consulting group offers valuable advice on online business strategy and other benefits in the use of information technology. We focus on superiority and provide custom solutions designed to help clients maximize their performance and reach key business goals. Using information technology you can transform your business, and become more effective, reduce costs and maintain greater control over their operations.

We have partnerships with major software houses in order to provide the highest-value opportunities, management of critical events and finally achieve the business transformation that you deserve.


Nifty Global System (NGS) is striving to be recognized and accepted as a center of development and outsourcing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that are customized to accelerate the developmental agenda of the country and the world as a whole, while bridging the technological gap between the developed and the developing countries by providing these countries with affordable but neat and accurate systems (software) and efficient hardware.


The company has thus embarked on a mission of providing customized software, website design and ICT training on a program of study that is development and practically oriented that will leave our graduate self employed reducing unemployment and geared towards national development.


The overall goal of NGS is to create the enabling environment, providing the appropriate technologies as well as both software and hardware that will solve the ever growing problems of developing countries and the world at large.


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