Nifty Global Systems Provides variety of Services to our clients tailored to drive their busineses and products towards higher hights, find below some of our services


NGS supplies hardware equipments and technologies to her clients. The company takes delivery of high quality hardware equipments from reputable companies from abroad and within the country. These include computers and accessories, Network materials and equipments.

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Looking to effectively model your business processes using ICT? You need consulting services that do not focus solely on the applications themselves, but also take your processes and industry-specific imperatives into account.

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NGS run’s short courses in software development, networking, hardware diagnosis and maintenance, website development, office user course in Microsoft office 2007 and 2010, 2013, Statistical data analysis with SPSS, EPI DATA, R,SAS and general ICT Training for all levels and Organizations.

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Electronic Voting System

Nifty Global System since 2008 have been a pioneer in the development and implementation of electronic voting system for organizations, schools and groups. Electronic voting system is an electronic means of recording and tallying a voter’s intent. Some of the groups and associations that have used our electronic voting software;[…]

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Software Development

Our team has several years of expertise in the design analysis, support, testing and development of custom software applications

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Website Development

The highly motivated, poised, young and vibrant web development team present a unique web content management and a well balanced design of graphics that will give your Business, Organization, School, Hotel, Church, NGO, Community a competitive advantage.

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Network Support

You must have a highly functional, readily available and secure technology environment in place if you want your business to grow. Without the proper technical resources, many companies struggle.

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Nifty Global Systems provides multimedia services for the general public. Our excellent team provides 3D animations, video coverage, adverts, movie shooting, editing, and rental of video and digital cameras of all sizes and types.

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